5 reasons to upgrade magento store

Magento finally release version 1.9.1 if you compare latest magento and older version of
mangeto you can find lots of updates on it. It can be security , performance , Functionality
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Migrate OsCommerce data to Magento catalog

There are times when you come across a situation where you have to migrate OsCommerce store’s data to Magento. I have been in such situations and used couple of migration tools that did not work.

So to tackle this problem, I created a custom script which helped me migrate OsCommerce to Magento seamlessly. I am sharing the steps that I took.

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Magento address template based on country

Magento out of box provide Address template configurable from back-end.  Navigate to System>Configuration>Customers > Customer Configuration >Address Templates. From here you can set address template for your store. But some time have requirements need to setup Address base for country. This module help you for define address format base on customer country.

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Magento Code change for gain better performance

After lot of work on the performance optimization work I have found we can some amount of performance by some code changes in magento core. magento to performance majorly depends on hardware selection but there are some modification in magento code which is really help me to improve performance in larger traffic website.

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